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tribepunchwebTribePUNCH™ for your lean, mean, fighting machine

TribePUNCH is specifically designed to give you agility, strength, fitness and fighting skills creating a greater confidence within and a lean toned body. TribePUNCH guarantees to help you build power, endurance, and mental toughness ensuring fast measurable results with two certified TribePUNCH Trainers in every class.

Training Time Options (choose 2 sessions/wk)
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
7:00am, 8:30 am and 6:30pm

$319 per season

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      East Hampton
      2 Fithian Ln, East Hampton, NY  
      Call 631.324.4499

      Sag Harbor
      1 Bay St, Sag Harbor, NY
      Call 631.725.0707

      395 County Rd, 39A, Southampton, NY
      Call 631.283.4770